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As a board member, owner or manager you are the great example for the people you work with. Whether it’s the people within your own company or your customers. In short, a lot of you is expected from all sides. A top function is top sport.

You inspire!
But be honest with yourself: are you in top shape? You are the calling card for your company. And believe us; you feel great if you are strong and energetic. You radiate just that. You can lead with more energy and inspiration, take clearer decisions. In addition, you get more done in your working time. And all because you are fit.

At RSPT we compare a top function with top sport. You function on the tops of your abilities. You often make long days. You are constantly on your toes. A lot is asked of you. Mentally and physically. And so you have to be in good shape! You can only perform optimally if you feel strong. We help you in 8 weeks to get you physically in top shape so you can deliver performance on a top level.

The effect of the training
You have more energy!
You mind is clearer and sharper than ever before!
You feel even more confident!
A strong body gives a strong spirit!
Performing your job will be a little easier.
And if necessary, you also lose a few kilos!

8 weeks program
We are happy to guide you. We will train you in eight weeks. We do this first of all through physical training. We start at your level and step by step we take your fitness to a higher level. You can hardly imagine how good it feels to be fit. But many clients have done this program and they are also amazed that you make so much progress in a short period of time. That gives a lot of energy and that will give your work a huge boost. And many of them still train with us.

Healthy food is energy
If you want we also help you with the right nutrition. You demand top performance from yourself in your work. That means you need good fuel. Good fuel is good nutrition. A top athlete also does not eat fries and pizzas during the season to deliver his / her top performances. Good nutrition gives energy and makes you sharp and clear. No more energy tips during the day but constant high level of energy!

Give yourself this program and give your career a new boost. You will absolutely not regret it. You will experience the first results after 2 weeks: more energy and a lot of eagerness to train.

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A number of people we train share their experiences in the following videos:

Viola holds a top position at the police force and stays fit at RSPT. Click here for her story.

Henk travels around the world and keeps his body strong at RSPT. Click here for his story.