Working together to your goals

Personal Training at RSPT in Velp means working together on your goals and get real and lasting results. Every person is different, each person has different wishes. By personal attunement of your training, nutrition and mindset it is possible to achieve your goals and reach the results you could never imagine. Personal Training is challenging, fun and amazes yourself about your own strength. Experience now what Personal Training can do for you.

Start on your own level

First of all, we map out your objectives in detail. You indicate within which time frame you want to achieve your goal. We then establish the initial situation: how is your current situation? Do you have any injuries? Which activities do you undertake now? What is your sporting background? What do you like to do?

From our side we explain the way we work towards your goals. Our strategy, our method, our vision. After that we give you an indication of the price.

When you decide to start we will move to the real sessions. We start running a number of measurements and tests to determine several indicators. From that moment on we actually start training. You start at your own level.

You will notice the first results within a few weeks. You start to feel stronger and more energetic. On your way to achieving your goals!

Together we are stronger

Many people find it difficult to achieve those goals on their own. Do you also have questions such as: how do I deal with that? Where do I begin? Am I doing well? Understandable. That is why more and more people are choosing a Personal Trainer. He/she has the knowledge to achieve the results you have in mind. A Personal Trainer motivates you, stimulates you, keeps you sharp and teaches you a healthy lifestyle. Would you like to see if we that ‘chemistry’ to achieve your goals together?


We have made it our goal to let everyone who is open to it, experience what it is to bring their health to a higher level. The possibilities that this gives and the energy that physical training and good nutrition are unprecedented. That opens doors to new choices in your life that you do not think possible. If you experience a glimpse of that then you want more. When you are the best version of yourself, it will also inspire your environment. You give your new energy to the people around you. You benefit from the new you, others benefit from the new you!


At RSPT our goal is to show our customers how you can achieve optimal health. We do this in such a way that we give you the skills and knowledge to continue independently after you finished your sessions with us. After the training block you have extensive knowledge about nutrition, training and mindset. With these tools you can now independently set and keep your health at a high level. Even if you dislike physical training, you will find it nice after a short time. If that happens, our mission is successful!


I am Rob Stalenhoef and I help people manage their weight and health as Personal Trainer. I specialize in weight loss and with our team we ensure lasting results.

If you are really serious about choosing a different lifestyle, then you have come to the right place. Are you really overweight, come and talk with us without any obligation. Whether you want to lose 5 kilos or lose 10, 20 or perhaps more weight. Together we outline the way to your goals. We guide you intensively in the field of training, nutrition and mindset.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is not boring! It gives you more energy, makes you feel stronger, more clear, you are happier, more optimistic and you get a lot more business done than you ever dreamed. You rise high above yourself! Many people walked this path with RSPT.

I have lived in Arnhem for years. I find the area around the Rhine and the Veluwe a beautiful place and that makes me feel at home here. For years I have been busy with the badminton sport. Nowadays I keep fit on the road bike and in the fitness room. I like to relax with a day of sauna or with friends eating in the city.


My name is Mika van Gelderen, as a Personal Trainer I help you develop a powerful body that makes you feel stronger and fitter than ever before. At RSPT I work in a team of professionals where I can fully utilize my strength training specialty.

With strength training at RSPT. we accelerate the process of losing weight, we train your body tightly, we reduce your body fat, we increase your metabolism and the strength training gives you a super fit feeling. In short, with the right training and exercises you look fantastic, you get a great energy boost and you go home satisfied after each session.

Every training is different and every session I challenge you to learn new movements and give the best of you. Each training session brings you one step closer to your desired goal. On your own and pace, on your own level. Do not be afraid, we do not turn you into a bodybuilder. But I guarantee you, after a short time your body can look completely different!

In our training sessions, I feel real passion and I enjoy when people achieve goals and push boundaries. Your goal becomes my goal and we achieve it together! I exercise fitness myself and I love everything related to sport. I also really enjoy going out with my friends. Festivals, water skiing or the zoo, that makes me happy!

Health partners

At RSPT your health comes first. Health is more than physical training and advice about healthy food. We like to go one step further. That is why we are proud to cooperate with a number of health partners. They help to take your health to a higher level. We would like to introduce them to you:


If you want to work on a healthy weight and lifestyle, we offer you these 10 free tips. This way you are already on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

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