You lose weight with training and healthy nutrition. But we go further than that. We want to teach you how your body works and responds to training and good and unhealthy nutrition. That way you have control over your own choices. This knowledge will stay with you for the rest of your life. You invest in your current situation and in your future.

Losing weight is relatively easy when you know how your body works. Nutrition plays an important role in this. We show you that healthy food is easy and delicious.

You do not just go to work with training and nutrition. We want to teach you what training and nutrition does to you. Increase your awareness about nutrition and training so that you can continue independently at a later stage. After all, you know what’s right for your body.


You get the knowledge about the processes in your body and what you can do to ensure that these processes run smoothly. With this information you will make concious choices for the rest of your life because you carry that knowledge with you all your life. The more info you have, the more fun it will be. Then working on your vitality becomes a real pleasure!

Just know that healthy food is deliciously tasty! You receive not only food schedules but also the entire science that lies behind it.

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Lose weight so that you can buy the clothes that you really like. So that you are proud of your body again. Raise your energylevel. In short, so that you feel comfortable and confident with our own body.

We are happy to teach you how you can reach your desired weight. Knowledge about training and nutrition is essential. But there are still a number of elements that play an important role. As soon as you know and apply those ‘secrets’, you can keep a healthy weight forever. After all, you know what’s right for your body.

You start at your own level and step by step you will become a bit fitter every week. And then training is really a pleasure! Just give us a call and let’s meet without any obligations.


Before we start, we first have an informal acquaintance. You tell us about your story and about your goals. We explain our method to you and outline the way to your goals with the corresponding price label.

If you decide to start, we plan the physical intake. We test you on a number of issues to determine what your starting level is. We also do a short physical test to see if there are issues that we need to pay extra attention to. It does not matter if you have to start from scratch or begin with a good (basic) fitness. We start at your level. You will experience more energy and strength step by step.

Our training location is in Velp at President Kennedylaan 104. It is easy to reach because it is close to the Velperbroek circuit (A12). There is enough free parking space and it is also easy to travel by public transport.

We also make use of the beautiful hills in the forest of Park Beekhuizen in Velp.

The costs depend on a number of facors. The duration of the sessions and the duration of the whole process. An additional option is to train simultaneously with two, three or four people.

We can put together a suitable route for practically every budget. Count on a price between € 20 and € 65 per session. Training with more people together (2, 3 or 4) means that the costs per person will be considerably lower.

Roosmarijn loses 25 kg in 7 months

Marc loses 15 kg in 3 months


The RSPT Personal Trainers have already helped many people lose weight, transforming their bodyshape and perform better in their sport. Look and hear what they say about RSPT.


If you want to work on a healthy weight and lifestyle, we offer you these 10 free tips. This way you are already on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

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