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Performing strongly in your sport requires a very strong physical condition. A good condition does not only mean good endurance or a lot of strength. When you are in good condition, you also have good coordination, a good balance and you are flexible. In short, you are in balance. And if you are physically strong, you also feel mentally unbeatable.

We train according to a schedule that is made for you. You will immediately feel more control over your body in the first few weeks. And that gives you a fantastic feeling.

We build a stronger body step by step that allows you to perform better. It is a huge challenge to use all the possibilities  your body has. It is challenging to have that power available at the right time. When it really matters! At those times in the season that you really want to peak.


It is often thought that strength and endurance are the most important pillars of the athlete. But these aspects are not optimally used when we forget coordination, balance and flexibility. When you integrate those elements you get to know your body really well. Then you know the strengths and weaknesses of your body and you can adjust your game accordingly. That way you bring your atlethic performance to a higher level! You make a giant step forward towards a new level. RSPT has experience in the following sports:

  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Running
  • Cycling / mountain biking
  • Swimming
  • Squash
  • Golf
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Curling
  • Horse riding
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Have the strength and endurance to win matches that were hard before. Raise your level so that you belong to the best in your field. Dominate the game with more power in your body! How cool is that!

With our strength training you soon notice that your body gets stronger. This will also change your game. More speed, more power, more control and awareness and more endurance give you more control over the match. Supporters and your opponents will really be amazed.

RSPT has extensive experience with top sport and competitive athletes. If you want to train with the winning team, ask for an intake interview now and find out what how we can help you raise your game.

In the past 5 years the Personal Trainers of RSPT have guided various athletes to raise the level of their game. Whether it was for professional athletes, fanatic competition athletes or recreational competitive athletes. In all cases the athletes have been able to raise their level considerably.

Extensive experience in the (top) sport

Rob has played professional badminton for a several years playing for the national team of The Netherlands. That experience has thought him what it takes to reach desired goals.

Mika has trained various top athletes in the field of strength and fitness. This experience combined with his extensive knowledge of training makes him a valuable trainer for any kind of athlete, professional or amateur.

At the moment Mika is active with the Dutch Curling Team with the aim of getting them to the absolute top of the World.

At this moment RSPT guides the Dutch Curling Team to the World top of Curling. We also train the young talented badmintonplayers of Cuntapay Badminton Academy (CBA).

But we do not only support top athletes. We have guided several tennis players, golfers, swimmers, triathletes, footballers, competition dancers, skaters, cyclists, runners as well as riders and badminton players at competition level.

RSPT has worked with more professional athletes in de recent past. For example, in the run-up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Dutch Badminton Selection was physically prepared by Mika for the highest international stage. Top badminton players Jacco Arends, Selena Piek and Eefje Muskens made their dream come true, guided by RSPT! Rob trained for these Olympic Games with the Egyptian horse jump rider Karim el Zoghby.


Before we start, we first have an informal acquaintance. You tell us about your story and about your goals. We explain our method to you and outline the way to your goals with the corresponding price label.

If you decide to start, we plan the physical intake. We test you on a number of issues to determine what your starting level is. We also do a short physical test to see if there are issues that we need to pay extra attention to. It does not matter if you have to start from scratch or begin with a good (basic) fitness. We start at your level. You will experience more energy and strength step by step.

Our training location is in Velp at President Kennedylaan 104. It is easy to reach because it is close to the Velperbroek circuit (A12). There is enough free parking space and it is also easy to travel by public transport.

We also make use of the beautiful hills in the forest of Park Beekhuizen in Velp.

The costs depend on a number of facors. The duration of the sessions and the duration of the whole process. An additional option is to train simultaneously with two, three or four people.

We can put together a suitable route for practically every budget. Count on a price between € 20 and € 65 per session. Training with more people together (2, 3 or 4) means that the costs per person will be considerably lower.




The RSPT Personal Trainers have already helped many people lose weight, transforming their bodyshape and perform better in their sport. Look and hear what they say about RSPT.


If you want to work on a healthy weight and lifestyle, we offer you these 10 free tips. This way you are already on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

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